Marcella Kampman

Author of Inanna, Goddess of Love: Great Myths and Legends from Sumer

An Excellent Resource for Educators and History Buffs Alike!




Inanna, Goddess of Love:                            Great Myths & Legends from Sumer

"Beautifully crafted and narrated, this collection of 16 legends and myths comes with a splendid introduction to the Sumerian Civilization. A brief explanation of the myth/legend follows every story - a valuable aid for teaching and learning."   — Bayeux Arts

The book is a mother / daughter collaboration. Both Marcella and Tessa Kampman reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Marcella is a passionate storyteller who loves to share her enthusiasm for these ancient tales with today’s youth by visiting schools and giving readings in local classrooms.

Tessa is an intern architect as well as being an accomplished artist who brings to life the evocative style of ancient Mesopotamia.