Marcella Kampman

Author of Inanna, Goddess of Love: Great Myths and Legends from Sumer

Endorsed by Professionals

What the Academic Community is Saying about Inanna, Goddess of Love: 

 “Marcella Kampman's tellings of ancient Mesopotamian myths are vividly rendered and faithful to the spirit of the originals.”

— Professor Andrew R. George, author of The Epic of Gilgamesh, Penguin Books.

“Marcella Kampman skillfully brings the ancient world of myth and legend back to life in a child’s imagination through her inspiring interpretations of favorite Sumerian texts.”

— Dr. William Ryan, author of Noah's Flood: the New Scientific Discoveries about the Event that Changed History.

“Marcella Kampman’s skillfully crafted versions of the Sumerian myths, which were written down some 4000 years ago, capture the beat of the original language and allow these exciting stories to delight new generations.”

Dr. Gwendolyn Leick, author of Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia, and The Babylonians: An Introduction.


What Others are Saying about Marcella Kampman:

“In my then role as wine educator I had the good fortune of meeting a diverse range of individuals interested in lifestyle, enjoyment, writing, and travel. I was delighted to connect with Marcella. She clearly has a zest for life and love for food and good company. I believe her to be a good writer and know she has a vast depth of understanding of the human condition.” November 1, 2010

Hugh Kruzel, Regional Director, Konzelmann Estate Winery

Marcella is a born storyteller. She weaves wonderful worlds whether fictional or historical and takes her readers with her on new journeys. November 4, 2010

  Sue Morber Owner & Publisher of Under His Wing Publishing

Presentation Reviews

 What Students are Saying about Marcella Kampman's 

Classroom Presentations on Mythology:

Carine Wilson High Grade 11 World Religions Class…

“I think that you did a really amazing job and it was really cool to see how much you seemed to know about the subject. It was also really cool with how you related the ancient Sumerian themes of myths and legends to modern day movies.”

“Loved how the presentation was very visual with not much reading.”

“It was very well put together and very informative. I would have liked to hear a lot more of other gods. Over all it was very well presented.”

“I liked how clear your slideshow was.”


Lisgar Collegiate Grade 11 Ancient History…

“Not only the external information, but I could understand the Sumerian’s spiritual beliefs. It was a first time for me to see history as my lesson for my own life’s perspective.”

“Very interesting, made me want to read the Epic of Gilgamesh and read more into ancient culture’s myths.”

“Very good! Good comparison to modern movies!”

“I think the material you presented was very interesting. The ties are undeniable, some of the myths I did not know had forms that were in existence before the bible. You also had a very nice voice.”

“Your presentation was great! You had a great slideshow, it was nice and simple.”

“I enjoyed hearing content from the book.”

“Very to the point.”

“The story of Gilgamesh was very interesting.”

“A really cool topic. Good supplementary information, and useful for the people covering myths and legends, especially Sumerian.”